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2015 Executive Briefing: The Economics of Early Childhood: Smart Beginnings for Virginia's Workforce Pipeline

The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the 2nd Annual Executive Briefing on October 19, 2015.  The event featured Paul D. Koonce, CEO of Energy Infrastructure Group and President of Dominion Virginia Power and Jeffrey M. Lacker, President of The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (due to illness Mr. Lacker's remarks were shared by John Weinberg.)  The event addressed the economics of investing in human capital and the need for strategic investments that will help ensure we have a strong future workforce for Virginia.  Click below to read or view the speeches:

Paul D. Koonce - Building a Competitive Workforce Right from the Start

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Jeffrey M. Lacker - Early Childhood Education in the Context of Lifetime Human Capital Investment

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2014 Executive Briefing: Mike Petters, President and CEO, Huntington Ingalls Industries presented the keynote address.  Click to download or view Petters' speech:

Video of Mike Petters' Speech

Written Copy of Mike Petters' Speech

Download these documents to learn more about the vital role of quality early childhood experiences in the development of Virginia's future workforce.

VECF Annual Report

Which Path - Quality school readiness programs & services and VA's workforce.

Risk & Results - How Smart Beginnings works to improve Virginia outcomes.

VA Chamber of Commerce Blueprint

ROI - The earlier we invest in early childhood, the greater the return


Increasing School Readiness is a Cost Saver

The average cost of repeating a grade is $10,793 per child.

Virginia spends more than $78 million each year to retain children in grades K-3, who were ill-prepared.

The average cost of additional instruction required for students failing to meet literacy benchmarks is $643 per child.

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